Mark Roger Bailey



Mark Roger Bailey is an award-winning photographer, creative writer, and novelist based in Southern California. A sought-after creative writer, writer-director, video and music editor, and photographer, he works with photographers, illustrators, painters, cinematographers, and other artists throughout North America, Australia, and Europe on television, motion pictures and major international events. Mark uses the sensitivity, vision and attention to detail of a fashion photographer in his pursuit of images that resonate with passion and purpose.

Early on, he discovered a deep passion for image-making, for finding visual resonance. Along the way, moments of strength and purpose in Nature's struggles transformed his outlook and influenced many of his life choices. A creative communications specialist, he recently managed the launch of the Robert Redford Conservancy for Southern California Sustainability. 

AWARDS / HONORS: National Geographic editor John G. Mitchell award, Lyme Land Trust Best in Show, First, Second, Honorable Mention.